How the program works: Fellow Citizens ambassadors will receive a custom code for online purchases intended for their personal use only. With the code, ambassadors will receive a gift of 50% off their online purchases each year during their tenure as an ambassador.


  • Must be a yoga/pilates instructor, influencing yoga/pilates practitioner, or in the fitness community.
  • Active social media presence
  • Able to contribute a minimum of 2 social media posts (facebook or instagram) or 1 dedicated blog post per month, which includes a fully detailed description of the product and where to find it, fully tagged photos for term of agreement
  • Assist in promoting new product launches, giveaways and other campaigns


Tell us why you want to become a brand ambassador

Areas of specification: E.G. Pilates instructor; yoga instructor; personal trainer

Locations where you teach: E.G. Pilates instructor; yoga instructor; personal trainer

Business name & website

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

We request a testimonial in the form of at least two photos and a minimum 150 words of which we have the right to use on Fellow Citizens digital channels as we choose (e.g. an instagram, facebook, blog post). 

We will also offer a cross promotion for your studio or service via our social media. Send us your digital info and we’ll give you a digital shout out.